Címlap Firm History






 From the beginning till nowadays

The company, which can be regarded was the predecessor of Technokov Kft. was purchased by the Hungarian State in 1870 and was subordinated to the state railways directory under the name of “Machine Works of Hungarian RoyalRailways” (Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gépgyára). From the first decade of the last century the company ran under the name “Hungarian Royal Iron-, Steel and MachineWorks (Magyar Királyi Állami Vas-, Acél és Gépgyárak), short for "MÁVAG". The company, which was present in every field of machine industry (that time it was known as Ganz-MÁVAG) was divided into seven independent factories in 1988.

Technokov Kovácsoló és Lemezsajtoló Kft. was established in 1991 from the sheet-metal pressing plant of the large industrial company that introduced the manufacturing of heads in Hungary.

This enterprise now is Hungarian property, employing some 100 staff and the member of a dynamically developing and enlarging merchandizing group.

Technokov Kft. in its sphere of activity is market leader, our aim is to become Europe's important head manufacturer.

Technological developments

When setting our developmental aims, the most important viewpoint is to meet the demands of our customers. We aspire to produce non-standard type heads, we try to meet the more and more severe requirements of manufacture acceptance limits, besides in order to be competitive and to reduce manufacture expenses we keep modernizing our production.

In the spirit of this strategy in 2005 we installed BOLDRINI production line conducting modern cold forming methods, and we developed a productive cold pressing manufacturing system in 2006 as a result of our investments in 2007 it became possible to form joggled edges up to 2500 mm diameter.

To ensure the quality of our products, as well as for the sake of development, we use ISO 9001 quality norm system. Manufacturing heads for pressure vessels can be carried out according to PED (97/23/EC), AD 2000 Merkblatt and ASMEas well.


Technokov Kft. sales about half of its products in the Hungarian market, and the other half are sold outside Hungary. Apart from Europe, we have customers in Africa and Asia as well. In sake of the direct connection with our customers we have commercial agents in several countries. Our volume of production is expanding every year. The aim of our cooperation with strategic partners is to provide complete solutions and complex services to our customers.